No Fear

Humans are primarily driven by fear. Fear of losing your primary necessities like food and shelter. Fear of not being socially accepted. It is this drive that creates our habits. Becaus if we keep doing what we do, then we won't lose what we've got. It is only when lose the things we have that we can change. It is then that our fear pushes us alter our ways so we can regain what is lost.

The problem is that we only act when it's too late. But if we could let go of our fears, we could anticipate the changes around us and act on them in advance, thus preventing forced action.


Begrip en Waardering

Toon altijd begrip voor de ander zijn standpunt en waardering voor de persoon zelf. Met dat uitgangspunt kan je met iedereen tot een dialoog komen. Alleen dan is het mogelijk om dichter tot elkaar te komen.