a lot like love

Yesterday I saw the feel-good-movie A lot like love and to my surprise I actually felt quite good afterwards. With the ever disarming appearance of Amanda Peet (even literally in The whole nine yards) you really can't go wrong as far as romantic comedies are concerned.

It's sort of like in the series Jack & Jill; boy meets girl, boy and girl take a long time to figure out they're mend to be, but then finally . . . feeling good again.

Strange though how hard it is for Amanda to keep her clothes on in a movie. Even in a semi serious film like High Crimes she's hanging on for dear life. Poor thing.


Last week I saw www.epic2014.com and it's update www.epic2015.com. This is a lesson in future history that depicts how news agencies will replaced by bloggers. I found the concept so interesting that I couldn't help but surf to blogger.com and register my own blog.

What is it that all those bloggers were going on about five years ago? Is it really that interesting? And does blogging have any value for the community, or is it just an individuals cry for attention?

Well, let's hope my cry is interesting enough . . .