fear is a habit

We are creatures of habit, because our actions are driven by fear. This originates from our survival instincts. We fear everything, because we don't know if it will sustain us. When we find something that keeps us alive, we incorporate it into our daily routine, so that it will continue to keep us alive. Only when there is a threat, that keeps us from our habits, we can change.

The problem is that we have long moved on from our tree with rich fruits, that our habit mechanism let's us come back to. It is not our instincts anymore that we can solely rely on, to guide us through our lives. Our tree with fruits has been replaced by snacks and fastfood. And by relying on our instinct we will just grow fat.

It is now not the carnivore with the large teeth that can make us change our habits, but our own minds that must realize the threat and find alternative and better habits for us.

Time and changes are even going so fast now, that we need our rationale to continually keep us out of our comfort zone. Only then are we able to individually evolve with the same pace as our surroundings.