I was introduced to MySpace, which is the same as Friendster. The idea is that you create a profile, that describes your person and your personal interests. You then go out and search for other profiles that might be interesting. With a little luck you can have one or more 'friends' in less than five minutes.

Meanwhile our society is individualizing. More and more people are feeling alone, or are not in touch with their surroundings anymore. People don't know who their neighbours are and truly believe that their pet is the only one who really listens to them anymore.

And yet millions want to be your friend when you're online... or do they?


Creation of life

When a child is born new life is created, or so they say. But in fact only a new identity is created. Life was already there.

Life exists in within each cell and it's the sum of our cells that form our person. Cells divide to multiply the life within them and with each division life expands.

But with conception it's the other way around. Two cells are joined and with that union the two strands of life that they contain are fused, to form something new.

So a child is in fact it's father and it's mother combined into one and with that, life continues. No start, no end.



I came across a very interesting article today, about the Information Search Process. Apparently we all go through the same stages when we try to uptain information from a large information set.

The following stages were identified:
1. Initiation
2. Selection
3. Exploration
4. Formulation
5. Collection
6. Presentation

In the article which is a little dated, they observed students who were trying to find their way around a library, but the same process is applicable to somebody trying to find something on the Internet. So chances are that you went through the same steps to get here.


rationale in our emotions

The actions of human beings are only a product of their emotions. We like to think that our rationality and sound judgement have influence in this matter, but in the end we are controlled and governed by our emotions.

We've created logic to steer clear of danger and to help us provide for. It is a tool, just like the wooden spears and rocks that our ancestors used. But logic does not dictate what we do, our emotions do. Our basic fears, our need for acceptance, our cravings; they are the ones who control us.