Trust your time

Trust in others, comes from having only a limited amount of time.

In our modern society we are dependant on others. We need others to build our houses, to provide our food and to supply us with information. But who can we trust?

With our house this is not much of a problem. Building is regulated and more important, you can see the house for yourself. You can test it's sturdiness by tapping on the walls, or by jumping up and down, to test the floor.

With information it's another matter. You trust your immediate colleagues, because can assess their professionallity on a daily basis. The same goes for personal information from friends or family. But how do you assess the validity of information on the Internet? Who do trust to tell the truth or at least give you the correct information? With the vast amounts of information that goes through our fingers, we cannot verify every single piece of information, but it's every single person that can put information on the Internet. So then who do we trust?